Maldives Association Of Tourism Industry


What is MATI?
The Maldives Association of Tourism Industry (MATI) is a non-governmental, nonprofit organization formed in 1982, for the purpose of promoting tourism in the Maldives. Its membership comprises of Maldives companies and individuals engaged in travel and tourism related activities; local and foreign travel agents; tour operators, dive bases, suppliers, airlines, banks and financial institution.
The central role of MATI is to assist its members in addressing the problems and issues as may arise in the tourism industry of the Maldives. It co-ordinates its activities in line with Maldivian government policies, and collaborates with other organizations, nationally and internationally, to render its members the necessary services.
Why become a Member of MATI?
At present, MATI is a research-based, pro-active, professional organization that represents and lobbies for its members, both in governmental and non-governmental forums. Through the fostering of mutual understanding, both within the industry itself and with other key institutions related to tourism issues, MATI has gained much ground in championing into focus issues that were, in the past, largely
misunderstood and miscommunicated.The shared millennium vision of MATI is to consolidation its achievements to date, and to adapt itself to the changing needs of all stakeholders in the Maldives tourism industry. It continues to function, in the interest of its members, as a cooperation for:
Development and planning of tourism.
Maintaining quality and standards.
Information and documentation Into the future, MATI is actively involved in being an organization that offers a wealth of opportunity both for its members and in the wider context of the Maldives tourism industry as a whole, in the key areas of:
Education and training
Environmental protection
Product diversification
Statistic, research and marketing
Who are MATI’s members?
MATI’s membership consists of four classes of members. Namely, Active members, Associate Members, Members of Honour and any other class of member as determined to be accepted by the Executive Board of MATI.The Active Membership of MATI is open to:
- Organizations and individuals operating and/or managing tourist resorts hotels, guesthouses and vessels with registered beds in the Ministry ofTourism.
- Travel agents
- Airlines’ national carriers
- Shipping companies
- Transport operators
- Convention organizers
- Public undertakings
- Travel writers
- Tourist service industries
- Other organizations or individuals directly involved in the tourism or travel industry of the Maldives.
Active Members have the right to vote. They pay a membership fee as determined by the rules and regulations of MATI.The Associate Membership of MATI comprises of:
- Tour Operators
- Entities, Association, Societies, and Corporations
- Local chapters of international tourism organizations, with an interest in the aims and objectives of MATI
Associate Members do not have the right to vote. They pay a membership fee as determined by the rules and regulations of MATI.
The Seven Core Tasks of MATI
1. Gathering information from members on their specific needs, analyzing and reviewing that information to take appropriate action where possible.
2. Creating programmes within budgetary limits to help meet members’ needs through benefits and services.
3. Providing relevant services, such as research on tourism and travel related activities, product development, education/training support and marketing support.
4. Preparing annual Business Plans for approval by the Executive Board to identify and respond to the common and collective interests of members.
5. Issue - surfing with a view to forecasting future trends in tourism and addressing those issues both domestic and international that will impact the Maldives tourism and travel industry and the interests of other stakeholders in the industry.
6. Liasing with the Government and providing to the domestic and international
audience, the industry’s position on important issues through a clear and
consistent communications programme.
7. Forging alliances with appropriate agencies and organisations towards realising
maximum benefits to all stakeholders in the Maldives tourism and travel industry.
MATI’s 5 Point Agenda
1. Resort lease period extension.
2. Transparent formulae for resort lease rent fixing.
3. Just compensation for investment at the end of lease of resort.
4. Equal treatment of all resort investment with regards to these above three
points, irrespective of the date of investment.
5. Lobby for establishing in the Maldives the best Hotel School in the region.
Operating Guideline
“The member is right, even when s/he is wrong!”
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